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Hello and welcome to mirrormatchme, a mirror matching community where you can find out your supeficial match!

How does this work? Well, while mirror stamping is about who you look like, mirror matching is about getting matched to a character you'd look good with as a couple, just based on your appearance. (So basically, it's superficial matchmaking.)

There is no regular theme you need to apply for in order to qualify for our numerous themes. Hope you enjoy, but please remember to read the rules!

Absolutely no negative/rude comments. You will be banned.
No sheep-voting. This is a really big issue at most stamping comms, and while you don't have to write a novel with every vote you have to put at least a little effort in it and explain, even if it's just a little. This shouldn't be hard - after all, mirror matching IS about appearance so you should be able to say WHY you're matching the person with the character you're voting for. Sheep-voting will result in warnings and possible rejection of your applications!
► Post your app under a cut, use correct subject lines and the !unstamped tag.
► You must vote on ALL unstamped apps that are up at the time you are posting your application. You may have up to TWO apps posted at a time, as long as you wait a week after your first app's been posted before posting a second app. The "two apps at a time" includes a possible app in the queue.
Bold your final vote(s). You may double-vote, but unless stated specifically otherwise on the theme page, two votes is the absolute max.
► You can make your post members only, and screen the comments if you wish. NO SELECTIVE SCREENING; either unscreen all your votes or none of them. No deleting the votes you've received, either!
► What comes to gender, you cannot ask for both but you CAN ask for best fit/either, and apply for the opposite gender restamp later if you wish. If asking for a specific gender, please make sure there are at least FIVE available options for the theme in question for the sake of the voters having a decent amount options to choose from.
► If you disagree with your original stamp, you may apply for a restamp one week after you've been stamped.
(To be used on all themes, unless stated specifically otherwise on a theme's page.)


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